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Welcome to RichBrows Academy, where Eret Koppel and her experienced team of technicians teach in depth courses on Microblading, Permanent Makeup & Plasma Lifting. We always strive to teach the latest, trending techniques and to be relevant in the beauty world. Whether you are a beginner or a professional looking to refresh your skills, it’s never too late to learn more!

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Plasma Lifting

Plasma method is non-invasive and non-surgical method which allows us to get results without surgery.

Revolutionary Plasma method can be quite an art. However, before you can become an artist and professional, you need a well-executed class. RichBrows offers world-renowned education presented by the very best Team.

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Microblading eyebrow treatment is a relatively new method that offers the freedom of modelling and creating perfect brows. This method can be used in any situation, whether it is a health condition (alopecia, chemotherapy), permanent eyebrow damage due to many years of plucking, if you are not happy with the shape of your eyebrows, you desire thicker and fuller brows, you want to refresh your look, or if you simply desire perfect eyebrows..

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Permanent Makeup

During this course we will share with you all the most important facts about permanent pigmentation. We will go through contraindications, anatomy information, pre-drawing, correct procedure. And of course all the tips that we believe are important in achieving a high level of natural looking pigmentation result.

Worldwide trainings and congresses


We offer to our students most up to date beauty trainings in the beauty area. 
We value that our students will get the most qualified education.
Our trainers participate as well in many congresses and beauty events all around the world, to keep up with the news trends in Microblading and Permanent Makeup industry.


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Founder and our Master/Trainer Eret Koppel

Founder and our Master/Trainer Eret Koppel




Our academy founder Eret Koppel has written many articles about eyebrows and how to train students alla around the world.
Here is just a glimpse of it :)


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