Founded by award-winning beauty expert Eret Koppel in 2010, the Richbrows Academy is one of the most respected lash and brow Academy in Nordic.

Eret Koppel, founder of the RichBrows Academy. 

Eret Koppel, founder of the RichBrows Academy. 

Welcome! My name is Eret Koppel, founder of the RichBrows Academy. 

When it comes to me… well, I’m not that perfect…first and foremost a city girl – (probably a lot like you), who believes in honesty and finds beauty in everyone. However, when it comes to eyebrows, especially microblading, then that’s something I really do love.  Eyebrows have been a big part of my life for the past eight years already. Well, I guess you get the idea – this little thing of mine here has become pretty serious.

From a brow product to International tarinings…

I’ve been work, work, work, work, working on my stuff… I wish that our story would have been up and right and beautiful all the way. It was not. It consists of many many many failures and sleepless nights trying to figure out what brow products would work the best and what exactly is needed to make a girl look perfect. First, it was an endless struggle flavored with salty tears and a couple of dimples of smile when we finally moved closer to creating brow extensions and accessories that were so good that we would actually use those ourselves. Finally, we nailed it and the first RichBrows products were created. 

… to brow training, …

I guess you must get lucky when you keep swinging for the fences… That something was an undeniable feeling. We never wanted to have it small in RichBrows.

We soon realized that most of our customers were not very good at using those products. How to say… they messed it up. They did not know all the little secrets to make the end result look good and that made our product look bad. Of course, we could have blamed them (and at first we did) but what would that have given us? Nothing. And that was when I figured out that there are tons of girls around who would want to learn more about the techniques of using brow products. And that’s when it hit me – we must start training them. Call it a pivot, a good idea or just a lucky strike, we sold out our first class in a day. We’ll never forget the feeling that we had back then. Can you imagine four people signed up for a brow techniques training and all of them were actually willing learn even more from us! Incredible! We had never felt that good, we have found what we are really good at, teaching!

We are on a mission…

Pay my own fun, oh and I pay my own bills… We believe in hard work. We believe that the ones who try the hardest get lucky and most importantly we believe in women.

There is probably no feeling that would be more rewarding than the feeling  you get when you see a girl crushing it on her own. A couple of months ago we joked that we are responsible for creating hundreds of self-employed independent women. Now, it’s not a joke anymore. And that, let us tell you, feels great. 

We are on a mission to give every girl on this planet an opportunity to become independent. And we’re crushing it. We have started two additional lines for training programs, we have a team of 6 girls and we have dedicated trainers in all capitals of the world. We are moving and we are moving fast. 

It’s on, girls – let’s go and rock the world together! 

Our team


Eret Koppel
Creative Director, International Trainer
Microblading/ PMU/ Plasma Master


Margit Sannu-Rajapuu
International Trainer
Microblading & Lashes


Marie Viiol
International Trainer

Microblading & PMU Master


 International partners


Satu Grönberg 
Salon Harmony
Vuorimiehenkatu 14
00140 Helsinki
040 5183181



Kadi Krivats
Kadi Eyelashes and More
Aosta da Clé, viale Conte Crotti, 63 11100 Aosta tel. 0165554388


Anna Parks


Angelica Erickson
Office Manager

Open Positions

Training Host

We are always looking for new people all around the world!
If you are good at organising training event and want to represent RichBrows Academy training class , then get in touch!



  • knowledges about marketing
  • positive personality 
  • must know about beauty industry 

Brand Ambassador

We are always looking for new skilled people to join our worldwide team!



  • knowledges about marketing & social media
  • working actively in beauty industry


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