RichBrows Academy Classes Overview

We offer highest quality beauty trainings all around the world. 


Microblading fundamental

Microblading eyebrow treatment is a relatively new method that offers the freedom of modelling and creating perfect brows. This method can be used in any situation, whether it is a health condition (alopecia, chemotherapy), permanent eyebrow damage due to many years of plucking, if you are not happy with the shape of your eyebrows, you desire thicker and fuller brows, you want to refresh your look, or if you simply desire perfect eyebrows.

RichBrows teaches the method of natural looking hair strokes technique which is specially adapted to European standards of beauty. Also students can learn Asian and USA style, and have a overview of new TREND ALERT OMBRE & SHADING MANUAL METHOD EYEBROWS.



2 – Day Intensive 22 Plasma Training

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Plasma method is non-invasive and non-surgical method which allows us to get results without surgery.

It is the answer to all the client’s needs that either fear or dislike the surgical procedure that is usually connected with face rejuvenation. The method does not require anesthesia, there is no long down time, swelling or bruises, that many clients find problematic.

Revolutionary 22 Plasma method can be quite an art. However, before you can become an artist and professional, you need a well-executed class. RichBrows co-operating with 22 Institute offers world-renowned education presented by the very best. 

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"Perfect Smudge-proof" Permanent Makeup lips 

During this class we will share with you all the most important facts about lips pigmentation. We will go through contraindications, lips anatomy information, pre-drawing, correct procedure. We will share with you all the tips that we believe are important in achieving a high level of pigmentation.

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Lash Lift Class

RichBrows LashLift training is an intensive full day training course that will give the participants all the needed skills in relation to Lash Lift technology. You’ll learn a multi-level  how to create perfect curl placement procedure and get the needed practice on real life models. It’s a practical course that gives practical skills and an ability to start off as a Lash Lift eyelash professional right after you’ve passed the course.