Lash Lift 1 Day Intensive Training

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What exactly will you get when you pass the RichBrows Lash Lift Intensive PRO training?

• Through professional and practical knowledge about the Lash Lift lash extensions technology.

• All the skills you need to start performing lash treatments and placing the Lash Lift products correctly.

• The equipment and tools you need to get started –  Lash Lift Starter Kit.

• Tons of practical ideas you to get started with your business and find customers.

•  RichBrows Lash Lift Course workbook.

• RichBrows New York official diploma and watermark for your work.

What does the training consist of?

RichBrows LashLift training is an intensive full day training course that will give the participants all the needed skills in relation to Lash Lift technology. You’ll learn a multi-level  how to create perfect curl placement procedure and get the needed practice on real life models. It’s a practical course that gives practical skills and an ability to start off as a Lash Lift eyelash professional right after you’ve passed the course.

The schedule of the training course (6h/models needed)

• How to get started with the client – consulting and preparation.
• Tools and materials needed for the LashLift procedure.
• Perfect eyelash design – how to choose the right curl level.
• Eyelash shampoos – how to pick the right one and use it correctly.
• Eyelash tinting techniques + NEW KERATIN TREATMENT!
• Using the LashLift silicon pads.
• Practical LashLift techniques.
• Practical tasks that are performed by the student on actual models.

• Sales and marketing advice and practical strategies to get more customers.
• Practical ideas how to develop your business better.

The course is carried out by RichBrows professionals: Eret Koppel or Margit Sannu-Rajapuu.  

What is the Lash Lift technology and how is it performed?

LashLift is a modern approach to eyelash design. Eyelashes used to be treated with heavy chemicals that had a pretty devastating effect on lashes. Lash Lift technology contradicts that traditional approach being absolutely natural and harmless to lashes. Instead on gluing some quite unnatural looking lash extensions to the existing lashes, the Lash Lift approach takes maximum use of the existing lashes and just extends those whilst giving those the sort of curl.

During the Lash Lift procedure no additional hair is glued to the lashes of the client, no synthetic glues not other such substances are used. Instead of that special taping and silicon pads are used. The process of LashLift takes approximately 45 minutes and the effect of Lash Lift lasts for approximately 2-3 months.

As a result of the Lash Lift procedure the client gets perfect looking absolutely 100% natural attractive eyelashes. Compared to traditional approaches lashes of the client will have much better curl and do not lose the shape given. Taking into account the facial features and the natural lashes of the client, the Lash Lift professional will be able to choose the actual length and curl of the eyelash hair that the client will have. This amongst other things makes Lash Lift the most natural, modern and effective eyelash technology.

All the participants of the RichBrows  course will receive the  Starter Kit that consists of the following items: 

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• Eyelash perm lotion,

• Eyelash Perm,  

• Lash Perm Kit, 

• Eyelash Lotion,

• Permanent Lotion. 






*Students must find and bring models to trainings, yet we can help to try to assist of finding ones.
All tution fees are non refundable and can be applied towards future education if desierd (as the student get sickness at the day of training etc…)